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Ultimate Part-time Online Home Business Opportunity With Maqui Berry Juice

The bHIP Global maqui berry juice online home business opportunity caters for both full-time dealers and for people who recognized that having a second [part-time] income is crucial in today’s tough environment where costs are escalating, where job security is a concern, and where traditional businesses are hard pressed to find growth.
Every dealer of bHIP Global has access to a replicated website that is equipped with comprehensive facilities that range from remote sponsoring tools and online retail stores, to online logistics and sales tracking. Coupled with regular webinars covering essential aspects of the business, starting and on-going managing of the maqui berry juice business is easy as a breeze.
Gone are the days where dealers have to delivery stocks personally in heavily traffic congested cities in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Phillipines and the rest of Asia. Dealers also do not need to chase customers to place orders so that they can meet their commission targets. It is really a pain to continue with those outdated systems of running businesses that still require dealers to do so, and almost impossible for part-time people.

The innovative and crucial difference is that bHIP Global has the state-of-the-art and easy to administer autoship features where products are routinely delivered by the company on timely basis to both customers and dealers. It is the ideal passive income business model for today's and tomorrow's business builders. Also perfect for consumers as the concept is similar to home delivery of milk and newspaper. 
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