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Doctors Recommend Maqui Berry | Health News USA

Purple power! Greatest find for decades! That is exactly what doctors and those who know this small superberry known as Maqui. Here's an excerpt from some of the news in USA and other countries.

FOX News, USA:

- The segment on "Eat Your Purple" featured Dr Ward Bond. He says that Maqui berry has high concentration of antioxidants, and that consumption of the fruit leads to improve cardiovascular health, reduce inflammation and allergies, and improvement in the function of the immune system.

- Dr Manny Alvarez in a year 2009 news telecast pointed out that nutritional products that contain Maqui berry would give the best value for money, as it has significantly higher antioxidants that other super foods, anti-aging products and other wellness products.

ABC News, USA:

- Dr Ward revealed that WHO has given a five million dollar grant to support the ongoing research on Maqui berry.

The Star Newspapers, Malaysia:
- The Daily published an article by Dr Amir Farid highlighting the health benefits of Maqui berries. Dr Amir also spoke about the wonders of this berry at a medical conference and says that it is good for the eyes, brain and heart.
Without doubt, there will be more news about this miracle berry as research continue to revealed its nutritional and medical value. Stay tune for more news.......meanwhile, read about what researchers at the University of Antioquia are doing -

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Maqui Berry vs Acai Berry | Nutritional Value Of Fruit Juices

The debate about which berry - Maqui or Acai - is more potent in terms of health-living benefits is over: without doubt, the wild harvests of the Patagonian region of Chile, wins hands down! The latest research results, as published in "Medical News Today", support the long-held view that have Maqui berries have the highest antioxidants. These research now confirms that its ORAC value [i.e. antioxidant index] may be up to 30 times higher than Acai berries. Maqui berry's ORAC rating is naturally higher than the goji, blueberry, prune, grapes, raspberry, and other fruits.

Some of the nutritional facts of Maqui berries are as follows:

- its pulp is packed with an awesome antioxidant known as anthocynin that protects our tissues from damage by free radicals and strengthens our immune system;
- it is rich in minerals like calcium, potassium and iron;
- is has vitamin A, C and other vitamins;
- its anti-inflammatory and anti-blood clotting properties are further enhanced by the presence of omega acids.

The anti-inflammatory, immune system boosting, and anti-aging properties including the nutritional composition of Maqui Berries were also reported in March 2011 issue of the “Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry”, the October 2008 issue of “Biological Trace Element Research”, and the June 2011 issue of the “Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology”.

It is worth noting that bhIP's Maqui berries are purchased directly from the natives who harvest the fruits from virgin forests. To preserve its nutritional content, the berries are frozen before shipping to the USA. Instead of using only the juice, our Patagonian Maqui Berry uses the whole fruit - skin, pulp & seeds.

maqui berry vs acai berry
To further augment its nutritional and protective value, 70+ different types of ionic minerals, standardized extracts of another 6 different types of berries, and resveratrol were added to the juice.

Patagonian Maqui Berry Juice are sold online. The product will be delivered within 3 - 4 days to your home.

Enquiries for dealership are welcome. Those interested in distributing the product may also go online to create a dealership account. As our portal is fully e-commerce enabled, e-dealers have a complete online office for tracking sales, deliveries, commissions and conducting global business.

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Another revolutionary product on sale online is the 3-in-1 powerhouse Purple Vitality - available in strips and juice format. In addition to Maqui berry, this flagship product contains the exclusive multi-patented AC-11 that has anti-cancer and collagen boosting properties.

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Fruit Juices For Diabetes

Some natural fruit juices like maqui berry are beneficial for people with Type 2 Diabetes.

The sweetness in our Maqui Berry Juice is from the different types of berries, and not glucose or sugarcane.
Regular consumption may actually protect cells from free radical damage and reduce the likelihood of developing chronic diseases.

Those who are suffering from diabetes are advised to drink the juice 2 – 3 times daily, preferably after meals, for a period of at least 3 months to experience the health benefits. Having said, there are a number of consumers who felt the difference within 4 weeks.

Recommended amount to drink: 3 – 4 caps for each serving.
To ensure that you get the authentic products, buy online through the links in our blog. Quality assured.

Lower Cholesterol Naturally | Benefits Of Super Berries

Not all fruits and vegetables may be categorized as super foods. Berries may be considered exception as virtually all commonly known types qualify as super food as berries contain phytonutrients that are beneficial to health. And, not many people know that berries can lower LDL and reduce total cholesterol levels.

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Adult Stem Cell DNA Repair Review

Numerous research and scientific review data confirm that defects in DNA repair function are not only associated with aging and adult stem cell dysfunction.  It is now clear that the consequence of such defects can be profound. Other than diminution of stem cell pools, these deficiencies increase the risk of malignant transformation and altered gene expression.
For optimal stem cell health, the first line of defense should be targeted nutritionals that supports DNA repair.  

As discussed in previous blog posts, it is the quality of adult stem cells that matters, not quantity. What is the point of boosting the production of the number of stem cells if the DNA of the “mother” stem cell have defective DNA due to mutation?


bHIP Global – BodHD Inc Alliance Making Waves

bHIP Global, the US DNA repair company, created waves of excitement with the announcement in September 2012 that it has joined forces with BodHD Inc. The global alliance gives the distributors of the latter company overnight access to 40 over countries, and further strengthens bHIP Global position in the North American anti-aging and specialist nutritionals market.

stem cell DNA repair & enhancement company
BodHD is also US-based MLM company with an awesome range of products. One of BodHD Inc’s signature range of high-definition product includes an all-natural quick weight loss program that takes off up to 10 pounds in 10 days.

The breakthrough program which combines 12 plant-based metabolic enzymes with high nutrition whole super foods and probiotics burns more calories faster while ensuring that the body received optimal nutrition.

It is like 4-in-1 products in one super formula as the system detoxify, reduce cravings, burns fats, inhibit fat storage, build lean muscle and boost energy. 

Athletes using the product experienced higher levels of energy, and speedier recovery from injuries. Not surprisingly, BodHD products receive endorsements from sportsmen like Edoardo Ciulli, the 1998 Title of European Bodybuilding Champion and NFL player, Mickey Pimentel.
Some of the super foods included in the quick weight loss formulation are: mangosteen, kelp, salmon omega-3 oil, garlic, turmeric, spirulina, goji berries, acai berries, wild yam, shitake mushroom, Irish moss, grape seed, golden kiwi, green tea, and nuts like almonds and walnuts.

Maqui Berry Juice | Food Good For Brain Health

Groundbreaking research discovered that certain food-based chemical compounds are good for brain health. Research has also amply demonstrated that the brain and our nervous system are capable of regenerating itself.

One of the studies published in the Journal of Neuroscience shows that rats fed with high antioxidant diets did not experience degeneration in cognitive performance.  A later study demonstrated that 8 weeks of special diets reversed functional loss in neuronal and cognitive functions.
Foods that are known to have high antioxidant capacity include blueberries, acai berries and maqui berries.

Some of the diseases that may be attributable to degeneration of brain & nervous system that may benefit from high antioxidant foods are:
-  Alzheimer's disease
-  Parkinson's disease
-  Lewy body disease

Read more

Collagen Enhancer Supplement Benefits | Re-build Youthful Glowing Skin

Interested in re-building smooth youthful skin that glows naturally & repair sun damaged skin? And, looking for a good & effectively collagen enhancement supplement?

Here are 5 tips on what to look for.
- Read the labels to ensure that the product contains the complete amino acids that the body requires & in the right proportion

- Ensure that the body has the capacity to utilise those amino acid

- Check whether the collagen and amino acids are from animal sources

- Be aware that external application of collagen do not work as the skin blocks its penetration

- Ensure that it addresses the underlying condition of the individual [such as why the skin losses elasticity, etc.]

repairs DNA, enhance collagen production, stem cells health, strong joints & connective tissues
beauty with collagen enhancement cum stem cell DNA repair

Collagen Enhancer Supplement Plus Maqui Berry – Purple Vitality Liquid

The newly launched Purple Vitality Liquid is a 3-in-1 organic powerhouse that repairs damaged DNA and enhance the body’s natural capacity to produce collagen.

Comprising of wild noni, wild maqui berries and the unique 8-patent AC-11, this product is naturally delicious as it is made from whole fruits.
Purple Vitality is also available is easy-to-carry strips.
patented stem cell DNA enhancement, supplement & nutrition

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How To Earn Extra Income | Ways To Improve Your Financials With Maqui Berry Program

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Becoming an online distributor or dealer for an established manufacturer cum supplier is one of the popular ways to start an internet-based business to earn extra income. Commonly known as affiliate marketing, this avenue has wide appeal for the following reasons.

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Health Benefits Of Resveratrol | 2012 USA Research News

The National Institute of Health, USA, collaborated with a number of renowned institutions including University of California, the University of North Carolina, Sun Yat-sen University [China], University Medical Center [The Netherlands] to undertake a study on Resveratrol. The study discovered how resveratrol, a naturally occurring plant compound, regulate cell health and contributes to improved blood pressure, insulin signalling, and healthy function of the heart.

bHIP USA - New Maqui Berry Juice Products For Stem Cell Health

bHIP Global unveiled to USA and the rest of the world the new range of juice products with DNA repair capability. Pegged at the same price as the awesome Maqui Berry Juice, this unique cell protection and renewal Purple Vitality Liquid promotes health by combining powerful antioxidants with advance gene care technology.

Every day, the DNA in our cells including those in stem cells are continuously assaulted by free radicals that are produced by food we eat and by our environment we lived in. Our bodies have natural mechanism to repair this damage. However, as we age, this innate capability declines.
stem cell DNA enhancer with maqui berry juiceRated as the best tasting nutritional supplement drink in the market, and marketed exclusively by bHIP Global, Purple Vitality Liquid energizes and restores your body’s vitality naturally by activating cell healing from the inside.
This plant-based supplement repairs and improves the functions of organs, muscles, tissues and blood cells. It increases stamina, normalized sleep cycles, stimulates collagen production and speeds skin repair & renewal.
As it effectively improves function of cells, you naturally look and feel better.

bHIP Global Nigeria Launched | New Online MLM Opportunity

bhIP, the USA-based maqui berry juice company, has landed in Nigeria, Africa! – offering a new awesome part-time friendly online MLM opportunity for locals and international business builders.

Registrations and approvals have been obtained for the awesome Blue Energy & Noni Gia.
The blue ocean patented DNA repair range of products like the Purple Vitality Strips and Purple Vitality Liquid will also be available to Africans soon!

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Benefits Of Pure Cat's Claw Herb | DNA Care

The health benefits of Cat’s Claw vine received official endorsement when it was classified as medicinal plant by the World Health Organisation in 1994. Since then, many companies have included the raw form of this herb in their products. Known for its powerful antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and immune system enhancing properties, the woody plant from the forest of the Amazon is now available as a pure extract known as AC-11 for DNA care.

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Juice Plus Stem Cell DNA Repair Supplement | Maqui News

Awesome news! The highly popular maqui juice with resveratrol just got better. A new range with the powerful 7-patent DNA repair agent is being introduced to the global community. Known as AC-11, the DNA care agent naturally repairs genes and promotes health from the core of cells.

Anyone interested in healthy stem cells will be amazed to learn that it is not the quantity of cells that counts – it is the condition and quality of your DNA that matters most. If your “mother” stem cells are healthy, the “off-springs” will be in the pink of health too. Simple logic!

Get excited with our DNA repair video:

How To Become A Multi-Millionaire | Get Rich By 30 – 40 Years Old

A 2009 career survey by Jobstreet, Asia’s largest online job portal, covering 3,200 youths revealed that most of the participants believe they can achieve their first million between the age of 30 to 40. Encouraging; and could mean that some may strive for multi-millionaire status when they cross into the fourth decade of their life.

The survey also revealed that 56% of youths are not afraid of working longer hours. Positively, healthy – I meant, short of striking a lottery, collecting a huge inheritance or marrying a rich spouse, how could one accumulate wealth and become a millionaire without extra effort?
Interestingly, though not surprising, it was reported that 63% of the youth think that it is difficult to get a job in Malaysia. If jobs – especially high paying & stable income employment – are hard to come by, what is the possibility of saving sufficient money for investing in high-yield assets for wealth accumulation?

That leaves only two options for the common folk: get a second [& third] job or start a business.
how to become millionaire

Assuming that becoming an entrepreneur is the preferred option – and definitely so, as 8 out of 10 people did wish at some point in their life they own a business.....why not?..... it is [only] through business that one may truly multiply time.
Let’s examine the maths.

If you have 100 employees, and each gives you 8 hours a day, you have 800 hours of productive time a day! In a 5-day work-week, you would have acquired 4,000 hours!

Interesting perspective and appealing?

However, what can you do if sufficient start-up capital is your main concern?

How can you have 4,000 hours of productive time a week without costing an arm or a leg?

Here's one lucrative avenue: e-commerce network marketing.

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When you affiliate with 400 business partners in a number of countries, and each contributes 10 hours a week, you naturally have 4,000 hours too!

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Philippines New Business Opportunity | Pre-Launch Maqui Berry Global Online

bHIP Global’s website for Philippines market is now ready.  Offering a pre-launch blue ocean online business opportunity for locals, this represents another great step forward for a fast growing company that has established business presence in over 30 countries. 
global online affiliate program
The introductory product is the highly acclaimed wild whole fruit maqui berry powder in a unique strip format. Known as Purple Vitality Strips, this 3-in-1 nutritional powerhouse is a potent blend that also contains wild noni juice and the one and only 7 patents AC-11.

AC 11 promotes health from the base level by activating the enzymes essential for natural repair of gene damaged by mutation, stress and old age. It provides excellent nutritional support for people suffering from health issues like diabetes, sinus, asthma, joint problems, heart disease, etc.

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Resveratrol And Ionic Sea Minerals In Maqui Berry Juice

Every ounce of bHIP Global’s Maqui Berry Juice contains a powerful dose of Resveratrol. A powerful anti-aging and anti-inflammatory agent, this is a phytonutrient that supports people with conditions like diabetes, heart disease and cancer. Over 70 different types Ionic Sea Minerals are also added to the juice as catalysts to activate the ingredients so that users obtain maximum health benefits from drinking the juice. 

Read more about Resveratrol…….
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resveratrol in maqui berry juice

bHIP Compensation Plan | Top MLM Global Business Opportunity

bHIP’s unique compensation plan is the result an extensive survey of the top MLM pay plans in the global marketplace. Incorporating the best features and with some innovation, the plan caters for both part-timers and experienced full-time business builders, and is today’s best business opportunity for anyone who wants to build an online home-based career.

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Young Entrepreneur Programme For School Leavers

Our youth program is designed for young adults, school leavers and graduates who are ambitious and who wish to embark on gobal entrepreneurship. Flexible and comprehensive, our training programme covers, amongst other things, core business skills, goal-setting, communication, presentation, mindset and advanced web-marketing.  

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Top New MLM Companies Prefer Hybrid Binary Plans

Over the last 10 years, many new MLM companies with e-commerce capabilities in USA, Singapore, Malaysia and many countries have embraced the hybrid binary as a superior compensation plan as it is simple yet powerful. Inherent in such type of plans are synergistic elements that are conducive for teamwork and speedy organizational growth.

Here is a video on one of the recommended ways to build a strong binary organisation.

How To Make Money Online With Maqui Berry Juice | Blue Ocean Strategy

Whether one is based in Ohio of the USA, or the East Malaysia states of Sabah and Sarawak, or remote regions of Russia, the opportunities for making money online with authentic Maqui Berry Juice is the same as the process of becoming an affiliate of Bhip Global’s is available to everyone who has attained the age of 18, and who has an internet connection.

As bhip's website is a hassle-free web-based global system, becoming an affiliate is easy. There are no messy hard copy forms to download and submit. The whole process of participating is the business can be handled online via the company’s website. Fast start business strategies and other business trainings are available online via regular webinars and email newsletters.
Every affiliate is provided with an e-office which they can use to order products and input instructions on where they wish to have the products delivered.

As the e-office is essentially a fully e-commerce ready website, online entreprenuers may use it market the business opportunity and retail the products to their contacts in foreign countries. Those who are familiar with advanced search engine marketing strategies, will be pleased to know that there is a natural global demand for bhip's products and income generation business model which they can tap.
On products, the Maqui Berry Juice is a must-try as it is delicious and easy to consume. It therefore has wide appeal. Children simply love it! People with health challenges like diabetes, sinus problems, and heart disease will be glad they found such wonderful products.

Those who are looking for unique products should seriously consider Purple Vitality Strips as it repairs genes damaged by mutation, and stimulates the body to produce collagen. DNA repair is an exciting new frontier in the trillion dollar wellness industry and presents a blue ocean opportunity for enterprising individuals. The collagen segment is simply a huge and fast growing market niche.

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bHIP Online Marketing Network System | Affiliate Business Opportunity

Affiliate marketing has been a favorite amongst online or web marketers for over a decade. Simple, versatile and easy to operate, this type of system is one of the most efficient internet business models, and offers “easy-to-join” opportunities for people from all walks of life to participate in a business, whether to promote products, services or simply to build a membership network.  
The affiliate marketer need not hold large inventory, and do not need to handle complicated and time-consuming logistics. The actual sale and delivery of the products is handled by the brand owner directly with the customer.
bhip global online business opportunity

With such systems, enterprising people who are interested in participating in the program, either on part-time or full time basis, can freely sign-up online without manual intervention by the company or the marketer.  The huge advantage is that anyone may freely join and by anytime; that also means that the marketer may generate sales for 24 hours a day and 365 days a week. With the internet and seamless business model, promoting the program to multiple countries is not only a tenable option – it is simply exciting!

bHIP Global’s online marketing system operates exactly in this manner.  

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Maqui Berry Juice Health Benefits

Watch this video and discover why our Patagonian Maqui Berry Juice is the best natural nutritional supplement for you and your loved ones.

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Due to escalating cost of living, it is not uncommon for students, housewives, retirees and employees to work extra hours and part-time jobs in the evenings and on weekends to earn more income.  Freelance and work from home opportunities are generally favored due to time flexibility.

Those who choose to go into business do so due to the lucrative upside income potential. Naturally favored in today’s digital world are e-commerce businesses.

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